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Established in 2017, MPV Group of Companies is operated by a strong team of professionals that have extensive experience in investment, property as well as the finance industry. We have a unique marketing strategy in line with the ever changing real estate markets. In addition, the team behind MPV Group of Companies will be collaborating with third platform to create a solid investment platform and ecosystem. In this ever evolving era of investment, MPV Group of Companies has created a innovative real estate securitise investment programme.

Transform Real Estate Investment

MPV is set to transform real estate investment and offers many advantages over those existing investment instruments available in the market today.

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About ELS

1. Security Backed Investment

ELS (The abbreviation of Easy Lending Solution), is among the first security backed investment programme in the market.

2. Creative Thinking

A pioneer in adopting both real estate and investment, it also aims to become a premier asset backed investment platform at a global level.

3. Being a Proud Company

New life to global real estate and investment markets. It works towards providing investors a streamlined, affordable and innovative way to own real estate and to receive sustainable returns from the investment. Fractional ownership of real estate pledge into the programme prior to the issuance of electronic certification (E-cert). An ideal choice for wealth preservation and estate planning.


Keys Highlights of ELS


Property Value Ratio


Stable Value


Enhanced Security


Low Entry Barrier


E-Cert Utility


Return of Investment


High Liquidity


Viable Properties


Inheriting Property Ownership

Securitisation with Physical Real Estate

Similar to asset backed equities the certificates issued under MPV are backed by real estate pledged in trust and held by licensed trust companies, ensuring secured ownership of the properties. From there, MPV Realty Malaysia shall issue certificates of equitable value to public. Management of the properties is undertaken by a dedicated Property Management Company. The valuation of MPV certificates issued are equitable to the prevailing market value of the properties at the point of certificate issue.

The relationship between real estate and MPV certificates which are issued as follows:

Take Responsibility for your investment

How To Secure Your Investment in ELS


Licensing Platform

Investors can check whether the plaform license is compliant through the relevant webpage


Compliance Trustee

Investors can contact the trust to verify the authenticity of the assets


Offical Subscription

Participate in projects through offical platforms or offical licensors


Value For Money

Investors have the responsibility to investigate whether the products they buy are worth the money

Each certificate is collateralised by physical real estate, with its total market values always

1-To-1 Parity

1-For-1 Property Value Parity: MPV Tokens are 100% secured with global real estates and held by independent trust companies.

The market value of MPV certificates are always equitable to the total market value of the real estate portfolio within MPV structure.

Criteria of Real Estate Enlistment Into MPV

  • Properties pledged to trustees are free from any form of encumbrances
  • Properties are pledged upfront
  • Properties pledged are completed with Certificate of completion from relevant competent authority

Programme License

The World’s Premier Backed by Global Real Estate

MPV Capitals Ltd., a Credit Token business licenced under Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 (Licence No.:CT/19/0004) This licence allows MPV Capitals Ltd to issue MPV Certificates in accordance to the value of the pledged properties. MPV Capitals Ltd are allowed to collect funds in exchange of Certificates issued, which reflects the rights of Investors.


Programme Supporting Licence

Malaysia’s Ministry of Housing and Local Government

The main focus of Malaysia’s Ministry of Housing and Local Government (KPKT) is to:

  • Create a professional credit granting industry that takes care of the interests of the community.
  • To ensure that only qualified credit providers are licensed so that the rights of borrowers and lessees are guaranteed.
  • Regulate the activities of credit providers more efficiently and ethically.

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