• EazyHouse

What is EazyHouse ?

You can now own your dream house and having a passive income at the same time. Purchasing your desire property from us, a certain percentage of your payment to the property will now allocated into our ELS (Easy Lending Solution) programme.

Enjoy the payout from ELS programme without hassle.



Property Buying Price Convert to capital in ELS
RM 1,000,000 RM 250,000
Payout for 1st year Payout for 2nd year Payout for 3rd year
RM 30,000 RM 40,000 RM 50,000
Total accumulated claimable benefit after 3 years
RM 370,000

The table above for illustration purpose only. This may not be the benefits that you will receive. The actual return rate may be higher or lower than the chosen rates. Actual returns of fund will fluctuate each year based on the performance of the fund(s) invested in.


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